About us

Located at 9889 Georgetown Pike
Great Falls, VA 22066

In an unassuming Georgetown Pike plaza is a spa-like experience promising to tighten clients up without a nip and tuck. Fontaine de Jeunesse Great Falls MedSpa, a self-proclaimed fountain of youth in the heart of Great Falls, has been noninvasively treating men and women of all ages since June 2013. Fontaine de Jeunesse translates to “fountain of youth” in French.

The Great Falls MedSpa sets itself apart from other spas and takes pride in only accepting small numbers of clients at a time, providing a serene peaceful and private environment.

The owner, Dr. Jeanette Coutin, started the business as a way to help other women age gracefully through menopause without being self-conscious.

“I found out that diet and exercise alone was not taking care of losing the weight,” she said.




About Great Falls MedSpa

.When Dr. Jeanette Coutin brought her Fontaine de Jeunesse medical spa to Great Falls in the summer of 2013, she was sure it would be a terrific location to offer services in the field of aesthetic medicine. She was right.

“People in Great Falls are very conscious of their health,” she said. “They exercise, they eat well, and watch their weight.”

Until a few years ago, aesthetic medicine usually meant surgical treatments such as liposuction and facelifts. But during the past decade, research brought a deeper understanding of how skin ages, and has led to development of non-surgical approaches that have quickly gained popularity.

“People don’t want to be cut,” Coutin noted. “Long recovery times and the risk of infection make surgery unacceptable to most people.” But the newest non-invasive treatments for cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and stretch mark reduction can all be had in half an hour. All were on display for visitors at an open house at the spa on Feb. 5.

“You can do this at lunch time and go right back to work,” Coutin said. Lately Fontaine de Jeunesse became one of the first medical spas to install the new Venus Legacy machine, which utilizes multi-polar and magnetic pulse (MP)2 technology as well as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) and VariPulse (VP) technology.

The FDA-approved technology is constantly improving, Coutin said, and the new machine is the most sophisticated yet. “For people who want to lose weight, it’s ideal because it enables us to tighten the skin as the pounds are taken off.”


About Dr. Coutin

Dr. Coutin graduated from the University of Florida in 1982; then she attended the prestigious Georgetown University of Dental Medicine in 1986. She has been in private practice in Arlington, Virginia since graduating from Georgetown University in 1990.

While Dr. Coutin was going thru menopause, she found the latest technologies and treatments to help her go thru the transition of two phases of a women’s life physically, mentally and spiritually and age gracefully.

Dr. Coutin found a call to share with other women what she has learned and discovered. While still continue working at her Arlington practice, she opened a MedSpa at Great Falls Center in June 2013, where women and men come in for treatments and she helps them age gracefully without the need of surgery. She called her MedSpa, Fontaine de Jeunesse, which means Fountain of Youth-which is what she discovered and provides to her clients.